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Pygmies live in both forest and Boguendo Omsaeki in Central Africa it is very difficult counted or counted because of their movements within the continuous forest and most of the homes built of straw of whom also live in western Uganda on the border with the state of forests in the Congo ... (in a joke Icolkm in dwarf Evaht Why?. Baldrickson related to it). After 700 kilometers from the capital Kampala.

* Religion:

Dwarves believe that God is embodied in the jungle and that his spirit therein, and therefore their lives were associated with, they live day and night and not afraid of animals Muftrshola fear snakes, but they say that the snake when you see them take over the run (Badhirhen and God)In general, most Fan and the pagans, and only few of them are converted to * their social life:Strange in the lives of dwarfs that women have a significant impact on the lives of men, women represent the backbone of their social life is the one who command and forbid, and is often its own hands and is married to a man and you choose as they help him catch onto the tops of trees to harvest honey and harvest fruits of the task of women (and Khosh .. Imagine your mother 

is climbing the tree. Ashan harvested apples ... Haha) * Marriage:

Style of marriage they have required that the presence of the groom and the bride's family hunt large animals such as elephant and then extradite him to the bride's family (dowry urethrae O) and this is a test of the extent of his bravery and his skill in hunting and his ability to climb treesAnd when he climbs the tree to harvest honey everyone is beneath especially the bride that you take honey Fan ate it, it means that they have accepted him as a husband and to her family only to bless the marriage and if it does not means non-acceptance and usually offers the groom animal skin which Astadeh and number of brackets dowry to the bride.

And upon approval, meet and dance to the beat of drums and St woods and drink alcohol (Mswin creep, I mean). .

* Birth

When you feel women dwarfs Palm birth, one of them gives birth alone in the forest without the help of one and often death occurs during that resulting from the loss of the mother and her newborn, and in some cases require women to help from one of her sisters in the case of obstructed labor are used knife traditionally made of wood has several names (Gara, Yazoo, Atabou) to have surgery .. (good Masadt glorified God) ..

* Circumcision:

This process is very important they have any understanding of the child are considered associate them unless they are circumcised .........

The process of circumcision usually husk flakes of trees acute and usually are not taken to circumcision of the child at home, but they are collecting a number of children circumcised in a shack in the woods for three or four days (curse Abu torture) away from their parents are not allowed to visit them all in that period, but they leave with them a man of great to look after them and after recovery and the men of the tribe comes with wine and drums to celebrate this little Negro who has become one of them .........

* Bury the dead:

On the death of someone digging a hole Evrashwnha grass and then put the dead wood first, then Fagtonh earth and have no particular direction at a funeral to bury the dead, but in any direction (Praise be to Allah who honored us by the grace of Islam) ... and habits of pygmies who live in Uganda, they are not buried you can but they leave at the cottage in which he lived and then they leave on the condition that it died after a request from Jane the new place to keep them with leaves and then move to live elsewhere.

* The life and brutal:

And because they are still primitive in their lives, we find that some of them flee when the people saw the verge.

And they have divided the year into three or four seasons: the season of worms (p p p), fishing season, season, honey, fruit picking season.

The dwarf does not know the age or age children understand the illiterate can not read or write and eat meat often so it does not settle in one place ......* Clothes:They Estrun nakedness with leaves of trees often do not wear clothes unless someone wants to visit his master in the village .. (2011 ).... Fashion

* Home:

Dwarfs the small houses built of leaves and the size of the house often m × m and half a meter in length and not more than one meter.

And have no designs in the construction process but are randomly ..........* The Role of Islam:

A significant number of Muslims among the dwarfs, but their role is weak, but they need themselves to the missionary activities ......

<<Turkana tribe>>
(Living in the land can not stay in one)

Live the sons of the Turkana tribe in northern Kenya and a few of them in southern Sudan and eastern Uganda, and of living makes it harder than others are to their dispute on their own land and Mraahm and good luck, because access to their land elusive ....* Habits:

In the past, widespread disease, hardening of the jaw in the region and it was impossible for the patient to eat or drink, and remain that way until he dies, heirs to the process of breaking teeth, which is still continuing now. (Khosh and God )....

Turkana lot of spit in the ground before he started to speak, or when someone wants to give importance to his words .. (hah imagine, a father talks to you and you spit innervated land Osh Bisoa you .... hah) ..

May not cut their hair .....

It is their habits that give women the child born to her mother to raise him (on the mother denied her real soil)

* Women in their lives:

Women play a big role in their lives that they build their own hut, and if the family is composed of several wives, the first hut on the right to adopt the fold of cattle and they live the rest of the wives to the left of the site and all women participate in building the barn ...

A feature of these huts are open-sided it does not provide protection from weather and shrubs and not her husband's privacy and sleep outside, wife and children inside. (Imagine your father sleeps on the street and you and your brothers and your mother inside Owool) ...One manifestation of convergence on the Turkana themselves that they see strangers and guests of no confidence and respect, including the guest could spend a whole day without a word of welcome that has one or even a look of respect ...

Despite their extreme poverty, but they are feeling the heat to provide them with assistance to the extent that they sometimes reject the offer and thank them ....

* Marriage:

Of marriage customs in Turkana that the mother is a doll that choose to consult with the father of her son and his daughter in marriage, therefore, has the right to force her and force her to marry her, if not inevitable but was unwilling to escape or commit suicide ...

The engagement is the way they have a conversation between the symbolic and the rich boy's 

father and the father of the girl .. the first in which he says to the second:

'''I want to borrow Thork Verde and the girl's father said, still a small bull'''It is intended to give room for the girl's family in order to take its decision. (Imagine one approach Bejtab by your sister and tells Ibga Thorkm Osh Btsoe it hah) ..

Upon preliminary approval comes the boy's father of the bride and give him a fat Tessa and his companions and is decorated with mud and ostrich shells. (Azvonhm the ostrich ... Tat Tat Straits streets .. and lower ... African hype).

* Call the center of the Turkana:

There was no activity, including Islamic and advocates in their midst.But the Catholic Church started to work since the sixties of the last century and built churches in the region<<Samburu tribe>>
(Tribe living in the most land a drought)

Samburu believe that they came from a place they call (Baghae) in the north and that they migrated from there because of drought and settled in southern Sudan and surprised the current stability in their place is a desert area that rarely dry herbs are grown ..

* Religion:

Samburu believe in one God dwells in heaven or in the north or the trees, and this God is capable of everything and sees everything .. and Samburu angry if someone tries to be like a god man .. (not the God of no God and Mohammed is the Messenger of God) ...

* Islamic Call:

Islamic Action completely absent only one or two of the chapel built by Somali traders of straw .....Samburu Alaqranin offers at certain times of the year to their god as being slaughtered goats and sheep do not eat from each either Aqranin Thank God they are usually black sheep fat and blood mixed with manure .....

* Marriage:

Are not married at the Samburu of no in the beginning of the month the Arab and the dowry they have two pieces of goatskin and Qirtan of copper and made her slippers sheep also offers the gifts of the calves to the father of the bride and her brother and the biggest uncles On the night of the wedding pours milk on her head and face (what you Maalikm this Macaiajhm Ashan become white) and ends with the celebration of the couple between the two rows of older people who are calling for the sustenance and boys ...

And is committed to married women have shaved her hair for her and be responsible for fetching water and firewood, even if it required to walk long hours to reach the place and do not cover their breasts normally Samburu women (no comment), but that the impact of modern civilization imposed on some of them wear a piece of cloth ..

* Death:

Samburu is not buried the dead, but usually leave it over the skin, which had slept on it and then abandon the hut saying (from single) or older Violon their faces to the Holy Mountain .........<<Alboran tribe>>
(Believe in God (and AQA), who created the earth in 27 days)Tribe, one of the Alboran Alourmu tribes, the number of its members nearly three million people, distributed between the states of Ethiopia and Kenya ....

* Customs and traditions:

Alboran pagans and their habits and ignorance of most people who are adherent to their customs and traditions have remained the now adhere to the city did not affect them.

Says one of the myths that the God who they call _ and Aqa _ when he died to create first lake water because it is the origin of life and then created the world and then the celestial bodies like the sun and the moon and the stars and the creation of man and the five members of the head, hands and legs in each hand five fingers, as well as the two men in each man five fingers in the head seven _ Members of the tongue, ears, eyes, nose, and mouth _ and thus a total of twenty-seven days, any number created by God .. (God created the heavens and the earth in seven days).
* Eldest son

Called the Alboran always boy virgin - Buran - and comes after - the dust - or - dusty - and boy virgin respected always considered members of the tribe people, sanctified by God the Creator, one of the inherit everything left by his father and the mother's womb and becomes a leader of the family are able to bless others, or curse them .. (the curse Kiffa).

 It also features a boy virgin wacky special hair .. and refrain from certain types of food and deprived himself to sit in certain situations .......

* Islamic activism:

Can be said that Islamic activism in the region is not as it should.<<Almulu tribe>>
(Still wearing animal skins and hunting fish with spears)

Almulu tribe living in northern Kenya and the region in which they live is difficult and repulsive and devoid of paved roads and very little rain, agriculture, non-existent ...

The people still living in huts of straw and dressed in leather and interested in their women, particularly Decorative Beads ...

* Fishing:

Fishing is the main occupation is fishing and they have a hippo and a big event is the meal of meat and the rich and the wise men of them.

* Celebrations:

Almulu celebrated every three years the memory of their ancestors, they do not clap their hands at all, but using Asoan Adharbonhma each other instead of applause ..Then cut some young adults in different parts of the body to shed the blood of them as if they were forcing them to go out to hunt hippo.

And when you watch a team hunting for hippo the fisherman, who was chosen by throwing himself on the animal without fear (shape Sharp Duo) and only Valmushart ready for more of the wounds and post-harvest is a fisherman, who succeeded in his mission a source of pride for the tribe and prevented from eating what he Basidiadeh but allows him to take some heap of bones and attaches to either in his ears or around the neck .. (poor Haha laughed it ).....
* Islam and the Christianization of the tribe:

Their relationship with Islam is very limited and activate the Catholic Church and among them, as well as a number of European missionaries who came to the area, and this church are shipping their employees (the smuggling of African coal) feelings of hatred towards Islam and Muslims ...

However, unfortunately, has not visited any Muslim chaplain there is no call in their midst did not distribute any aid or books ...

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